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Benefits of First Aid Training at your Workplace

We often think of First Aid as a requirement only in manufacturing or industrial work areas, but this is far from reality. Even low-risk workplaces need to have first aid arrangements and in many countries, this is a legal requirement.

As a minimum standard, any office must be equipped with the following:

- A well-stocked first-aid box

- Emergency contact numbers displayed prominently

- AED (optional)

- Information on first aid included in employee handbooks

It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe, hygienic and good working environment for all its employees. Companies often go one step further and add first aid training as an add-on benefit to employees.

We have outlined some of the key benefits of first-aid training:

Safety consciousness – Generally employees who have gone through first aid training are more aware of workplace hazards and risks and know how to avoid or mitigate them.

Quicker response time – Someone who has not gone through training will most likely panic during an emergency, whereas a trained first aider will be quick to respond and offer the first level of emergency care and support which is critical to saving lives.

Builds confidence – A trained employee will be able to recollect and put to use what he has been taught as part of his training and this in turn not only builds his confidence in terms of reacting to a situation positively but also helps build his team’s morale while dealing with a potentially terrifying situation.

Positive environment – When an employer invests time and money in first aid training for its employees, employees feel valued and cared for and there is a feeling of positivity. This in turn yields higher productivity.

Team building – Most first aid courses are designed as a team activity and with real-life scenes played out and enacted, there is a sense of bonding and appreciation of another person’s point of view, leading to a more cohesive workforce.

Save lives – This absolutely is the most important benefit. Knowing how, when and what to do during an emergency situation is often the defining line between life and death and this extends to the outside of your workplace as well. There have been many instances and examples of employees who have gone through first aid training and refresher courses who have helped save lives outside of their families and communities.

What are you waiting for? Call us today to book your first aid course! We offer both tailored classes to suit your workplace needs at your premises or you can sign up for our regular courses. For more information and details, please contact us.

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