With the Emergency First Response CPR & AED Care course at its core this course teaches kids how to respond to life-threatening emergencies. 


They will discover what is Primary Care & Secondary Care (First Aid), learn to Stop - Think – Act, use of Barriers (practical), Primary Assessment & Call First (how to call for help) (get an AED), AB CABS – is the patient’s Airway open? is the patient Breathing? if no then Chest Compressions, Airway open, rescue Breathing, introduction to CPR and Secondary Care (First Aid for Cuts, grazes, burns, splinters, breaks, sprains and bites)


The aim is to build on course 7 and dispel and concerns or worries that the kids may have towards helping another person when in need.  

Primary Care & First Aid with AED - Children's Course (10 to 12/14yrs)

  • Duration

    This course is a 3 times 3-hour course.

  • Assessment

    The course can be customized based on the school or groups requirements and if alignment with IPC or other curriculums as required.

  • Certification

    Non accredited. On completion all children will take home a certificate.

  • Cancellation policy

    Cancellations will be accepted up to 24 hours in advance to the start of the course. Late cancellations, 48 hours or less prior to the start of the course, will be charged. A minimum of 12 people on the course is required.

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