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Since 2008, our lead instructor trainer Steve Tait, has personally trained over 1000 individuals, including mums, dads, teens, disabled individuals, and coaches, among others. He worked with different industries, including education, aviation, medical, sports, and food and beverage businesses.  

In 2019, Steve partnered with the Minerva Group to create T8 First Response to provide the training capability, management systems, and equipment necessary for exceptional courses and instructor training. 

As one of the only accredited EFR training Centres in Hong Kong, we are a preferred provider for businesses and individuals looking for quality emergency first response training. 

T8 First Response provides emergency first aid courses throughout Hong Kong. We offer high quality course led by the emergency care industry’s most experienced and skilled professionals. Whether you’re looking for emergency care courses to keep your family safe or if you’re looking for in-depth education for the workplace, we have a variety of courses customised to fit your needs.


The Emergency First Response programs provided by T8 First Response are based on protocols set forth by International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). ILCOR is an international standards group representing most of the world’s major resuscitation organisations. The programs follow the same patient care guidelines used by medical professionals but at the basic rescuer level.

The foundation of the program consists of three stand-alone courses plus some additional skills:

  • Primary Care & Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) (adult, child and infant)

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) (adult, child and infant)

  • Secondary Care (Assessment First Aid) (adult, child and infant)

  • Additional skills appropriate to the individual (adult, child and infant) include the use of oxygen, stroke, and Epi-Pens, amongst others.


As a new leading provider of primary and secondary care courses in Hong Kong, we are also one of a few accredited EFR training centres available to residents. Our courses provide global certification for first aid to all who complete our courses. 



All T8 First Response and EFR courses are accredited and certified by EFR (Australia). The base for the renewal period is on the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) recommendation and the good practice guidelines of most Health and Safety organisations.

Certification renewal every two years (approx) ensures:

  • Improved understanding of the workings of the human body due to continuous research in the field leads to changes in first aid procedures. These changes can range from something as simple as bandaging or CPR techniques to more complex advancements in the technology used to provide first aid (e.g. blood glucose checkers and digital defibrillators).

  • Regular refresher courses (no more than two years separation) make sure the first aiders on their team maintain their skills throughout their certificate period (two years). This way, they can ensure staff can administer first aid quickly and efficiently in emergencies, thus cutting down the time it takes to treat patients.


Led by primary instructor ex British Forces member Steve Tait, you can expect our courses to be both thorough and easy to follow. Condensed emergency information that can help you through any emergency situation is what our courses entail. With a course philosophy that focuses on adequate care in any situation, we deliver our courses in a positive environment that helps you learn. Managed by a professional local management company in Hong Kong and supported by EFR Australia, you can trust T8 First Response for exceptional emergency first aid training. 

Learn from professionals with hands-on trauma experience when you choose T8 First Response. You don’t have to be unprepared when the worst happens. Sign up for a course today and help protect yourself, your family and friends, and the public during emergency situations. 



The T8FR course has become synonymous with the experience of learning through practice and being finally tested in a series of Primary and Secondary Care CPR focused scenarios developed to be as authentic as possible (expect to get dirty).

These scenarios not only encourage teamwork but also reinforce and consolidate the attendees newly learned skills. A talented and challenging group of actors team is used as the casualties, as are the latest in Simulaids. Set in authentic surroundings and unlike many other courses, the participants will use both the medical equipment they have been trained on and be expected to improvise.


The EFR Airborne Pathogen Awareness Distinctive course provides participants with a fundamental understanding of diseases transmitted primarily through the respiratory system. Participants learn the main mechanisms of transmission, as well as methods for reducing transmission risk using disinfection, protective equipment, distancing and airflow.




T8FR has some of the newest training equipment available at all courses. Though we must have 1 CPR mannikin and 1 AED trainer per 12 participants, we have opted for 1 CPR mannikin and 1 AED trainer per 4 participants. In addition, we recently added a 54kg full-size resuscitation mannikin (all mannikins are US or European standards and recognized by AHA, NHS, HSE), and we now have access to the demo systems for all mainstream AED systems.

Further, T8FR has available:

  • Comprehensive medical kits (general, wilderness, sports)

  • EpiPen training units

  • Oxygen demand and free flow

  • Full-size infant/toddler choking mannikin

  • Infant resuscitation (under 6mths) mannikins

  • Simulation training First Response kits for use by the participants provides prosthetics for over 200 types of injuries

All equipment is thoroughly cleaned between all sessions, and the removable lung systems are replaced. In addition, instructors abide by the EFR guidelines for cleaning CPR / First Aid Training Equipment.

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