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About T8 First Response

T8 First Response provides emergency first aid courses throughout Hong Kong. We offer high quality course instructions led by the emergency care industry’s most experienced and skilled professionals. Whether you’re looking for emergency care courses to keep your family safe or if you’re looking for in-depth education for the workplace, we have a variety of courses customised to fit your needs.

About US

Since 2008, our lead instructor trainer Steve Tait has personally trained over 700 individuals including mums, dads, teens, disabled individuals, and coaches, among others. He’s also worked within countless industries including education, aviation, medical, special events, sports, and business. 

In 2019, Steve partnered with the Minerva Group to create T8 First Response to provide the instruction capability, management systems, and equipment necessary for exceptional courses and instructor training. 

As one of the only accredited EFR training Centres in Hong Kong, we are a preferred provider for a variety of businesses and individuals looking for quality emergency response training. 

Emergency Response Courses

Our primary and secondary care course services help you prepare for any emergency. However, we also provide primary and secondary care services to DB Pirates, Valley RFC, Lantau Boat Club, iGym, sporting tours, sports festivals, Team Fear and many more. Our courses can be customised as required, but each will follow the key requirements and skills outlined by the EFR. 

Through our courses, we teach you how to handle any situation. For example, would you know how to perform CPR in a Dragon Boat or outrigger? Or would you know how to provide care to an injured member of your sports team? After taking our Primary or Secondary care courses you’ll know how. Emergency situation training is only good if you can use it in any scenario. With the help of our trained professionals, you’ll learn the ins and outs of what to do when disaster strikes. 

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to provide leading internationally recognized primary and secondary care for individuals and businesses. Through a dedicated and detailed approach to our services, we empower our students to manage any situation

Our Values

We take emergency first aid care seriously. A more prepared world can reduce death and serious injury from accidents and trauma. Our values lead the way to help us create an environment that can educate and prepare anyone. These values include: 
•    A belief that adequate care provided is better than perfect care withheld. 
•    A deep desire to create a positive learning environment for people of all backgrounds. 
We work hard to live up to our values by investing in our instructors, equipment, and training centre. This thorough approach enables us to lead the way in emergency response and maintain our status as part of the EFR Network. 

What to Expect from T8 First Response

Led by primary instructor ex British Forces member Steve Tait, you can expect our courses to be both thorough and easy to follow. Condensed emergency information that can help you through any emergency situation is what our courses entail. With a course philosophy that focuses on adequate care in any situation, we deliver our instructions in a positive environment that helps you learn. Managed by a professional local management company in Hong Kong and supported by EFR Australia, you can trust T8 First Response for exceptional emergency first aid training. 

Learn from professionals with hands-on trauma experience when you choose T8 First Response. You don’t have to be unprepared when the worst happens. Sign up for a course today and help protect yourself, your family and friends, and the public during emergency situations. 

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